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Client Focused Online Booking Engine

It is our pleasure to serve the following world class clients with our Online Booking Engine :

Sarah Sheehan

Sarah Sheehan

Executive Assistant of Marketing and Advertising / Best Western Fallsview

I have been working with GuestServe in my professional capacity for approximately one year. Throughout this time, I have found the overwhelming majority of my experiences to be very positive, both in terms of customer service and of ease of use. We are able to internally control inventory for online package sales, which gives us the ability to track our room sales. Any time that I have had a question or required additional information or training, I have found the staff at GuestServe were more than willing to offer customer support. We have had a few in-person training sessions, which were very enlightening. I find generally that the staff at GuestServe have very good response time to any requests, with the turnaround time often being even better than I have requested.

Leeanne McVittie

Leeanne McVittie

Online Marketing Manager / Four Points By Sheraton Niagara Falls

I just wanted to send a note to say the service your company provides has always been top notch! I'm grateful for the hard work and exemplary service you provide to us. We also really appreciate the ability you have to provide everything we have ever asked for! You know we have asked for LOTS over the 15 years we have worked with you. Keep up the great work and look forward to working with you for another 15 years!

Kendra Ledwez

Kendra Ledwez

Marketing Manager / Best Western Fallsview

The GuestServe team has provided nothing but exceptional service to me and my team at the Best Western Fallsview. The staff at GuestServe is very quick to respond to all questions I have, and willing to go the extra mile to help us learn the system. The team has also gone out of their way multiple times to meet with us for training and questions. The GuestServe team has made a system that is easy to follow and quick to use, which makes the promoting and tracking of our reservations an overall success.

Hollie Whelan

Marketing Assistant / A. E. Beckett & Sons, Heath Farm

I would wholly recommend this product to any business with reservation needs. Guest serve has revolutionized our restaurant booking system at minimal cost and minimal effort. The team have accommodated all our needs when setting up and their on-going support and flexibility has ensured the success of the system


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