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Payment Processing by GuestServe

We Provide Easy-to-Use Integration of Online Payment Processing Services

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A secure, high-performance, reliable way to process payments online.

How We Do It

Seamless payment processing that is also secure has long been an elusive service. Old methods take your customers off-site to a hosted payment solution somewhere else and create confusion.
  1. Costs are high to setup and process payments
  2. Security concerns have kept companies from embracing web-based payments

We Have Good News For Vendors!

At GuestServe, we have developed a tool-kit for integrating real-time payment processing on client websites that is seamless, tokenized (i.e. PCI-compliant) and fast.
  • Funds will transfer automatically to your bank account nightly or weekly with no short term hold.
  • There is no need to fuss with WordPress integration or other custom built website challenges
  • Works on all iOS, Android and Tablets
  • We do all the heavy lifting integrating with the world's best processors to provide a fast and secure customer experience
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