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e-Gift Certificates by GuestServe

We Provide Easy-to-Use Gift Certificate Services...
Without The Need For Printouts or Plastic Cards

Gift Certificates For Christmas, For Graduations, For Birthdays, For Father's Day and Mother's Day, Weddings and all Occasions!

We have processed over $1M in Gift Certificate purchases / redemptions

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We Solve Your Gift Certificate Headaches!

Traditional Gift Certificates require plastic cards or printed sheets that then must be physically sent or transferred from you the vendor to your customer.

This old method creates problems and inefficiencies:
  1. Costs are high to produce plastic cards
  2. Shipping costs must be borne by either you the vendor or the customer
  3. Cards and printed gift certificates can be lost or damaged
  4. Printed gift certificates can be easily subject to fraud and abuse

We Have Good News For Vendors!

At GuestServe, we have developed a purely DIGITAL gift card solution that we call "e-Gift Certificates". That's short for "electronic-gift-certificates".

  • Funds will transfer automatically to your bank account nightly or weekly with no short term hold.
  • System is FULLY digital - no messy printouts or plastic cards to worry about!
  • Works on all iOS, Android and Tablets
  • We use standard QR codes that can be scanned by ANY smart phone or tablet device. So, No expensive Bar Code scanner is required

Some Common Questions Answered:

What happens with expired/unused gift card value?

You keep any funds that come from expired/unused gift cards!

How do payments for e-Gift Certificates get transacted?

We offer integration with Stripe,, Bambora, and Moneris

How do redemptions work?

Simple! Your website payment form can be easily integrated to "check" balance and "transmit a redemption" automatically. OR your front desk can simply scan the QR code and apply the redemption at your front desk.

Are partial redemptions possible?

Yes! With ease. Plus customers can check their own balance with a simple click on their e-Gift Certificate

  • Gift Certificate Setup - Starting at: $495.00
  • Monthly Subscription: $49.95 MONTHLY OR 2.9% service charge on transactions (pay-to-play)
  • Users: First User Free.
  • Additional Users: $4.95 / month
  • Add-On Options Billed Monthly:
  • Scheduled Delivery To Recipient: $9.95 MONTHLY

  • Additional Information

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