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Online Restaurant Reservation System

Monthly Plans Quick, simple, signup in less than 5 minutes.

30 Day Trial



Reservations per month

1 user


*additional users $1 each

*additional reservations $1 each



Reservations per month

5 users


*additional users $0.75 each

*additional reservations $0.75 each

Best Value



Reservations per month

10 users


*additional users $0.50 each

*additional reservations $0.50 each



Reservations per month

25 users


*additional users $0.25 each

*additional reservations $0.25 each


  • Quick and simple 3 step reservation
  • Commission free reservations
  • No expensive hardware to rent or buy
  • We support our software – Any questions? Just ask


  • Secure Online Restaurant Reservation System
  • Cloud based – manage your reservations through a secure webpage wherever there is internet
  • Fully integrated reservation widget for your home site, mobile app or Facebook page
  • Clean design, easy to use widget
  • Mobile Friendly


  • Scalable to meet the needs of your business
  • Manage table inventory based on time period
  • Simple interface
  • Avoid waste by matching your resources to meet projected needs
  • Daily reports detailing high and low times with easy read bar graphs


  • Other services available to augment user experience – see the toolbar to the right
  • Optimize marketing with Merlin Metrics – find out who your customers are and how they found you, and what strategies are working best
  • Increase table turn over with Touch Base target marketing


  • Automate services to allow your staff more time for face to face contact with your customers
  • Increase bookings. Guests can reserve any time that is convenient for them. You can manage their reservation at any time that is convenient for you.
  • Record special requests and notes (birthdays, allergies, window seats, etc) A happy customer is a repeat customer
  • Collect and retain customer information for future marketing endeavors
  • Analyze and manage projected future guest flow with printable reports